The following are our policies and procedures:

These policies may also be downloaded here.

  1. Payments
    1. Daily visit fees are due upon booking or when noted on your invoice. Monthly invoicing for this service are at the discretion of NPSS.
    2. Vacation visit fees are due 7 days prior to service
    3. Overnight service requires a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking. The remaining balance is required 2 weeks before service begins.
    4. Vacation service over and around holidays and spring break, requires a non- refundable 50% deposit. The remainder is due 2 weeks prior to service starting.
    5. All new clients are required to pay in full at the time of first booking for vacation and daily service. Overnight service fees are listed above in section d).
    6. We accept cash or check only. If paying by cash we do not carry change and the remainder will be kept as gratuity unless indicated by client to credit account for future use (must be used within the calendar year).
  2. Late payments and returned checks
    1. All late payments are issued a $20 late fee on the first day of late A $20 monthly charge is issued every month after.
    2. Returned checks are charged a $40 fee in addition to any bank
  3. Last minute visits
    1. We reserve the right to charge an emergency trip charge for visits booked with less than 24 hours notice. We reserve the right to charge extra for all emergency
  4. Cancellation policy
    1. Daily visits cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are equal to full charge for that visit. No penalty with more than 24 hours notice.
    2. Vacation visits canceled with more than 7 days notice, no penalty. After 7 days, full price is due.
    3. Overnight service and vacation service over holidays and spring break, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking. The remaining balance is due in full for overnights and any vacation visits booked during that time 2 weeks prior to departure. Same for holiday vacation service.
    4. There is no refund for early return by owner for vacation or overnight
    5. The sitter reserves the right to cancel daily visit if the owner is home with an illness that could be contagious. This is under the discretion of the sitter only. If we are not notified that the owner is home ill and the sitter makes the trip out, the sitter has the right to refuse service that day. Please alert us if you, or someone in your household, is home sick.
  5. Visit times
    1. A designated 2 hour time frame is given for daily visits and for vacation visits. The sitter reserves the right to change or shorten times in the event of inclement weather or sitter illness.
  6. Holidays
    1. Regularly scheduled daily visits are not offered on the following holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving.
    2. We offer Vacation Visits on all holidays (unless planned time off is applicable). If a daily client wishes to book a visit on any holiday, including those listed above, we can accommodate with advanced notice and the vacation visit rate, and holiday fee apply.
  7. Job sharing and contractors employed by client on property
    1. We do not do job sharing of any sort during vacation visits. We are happy to provide daily visits if a family member is staying at your home as long as your pets are not in our sole care and we are providing a potty break or walk only.
    2. All contractors or people working on or in your home during daily service must be identified by client to NPSS ahead of time.
    3. We will not provide vacation or overnight care while there is construction inside or outside your home, or other people in your home for any reason, due to liability and safety reasons.
  8. Aggressive pets and dogs with poor leash manners
    1. If your pet starts exhibiting aggressive or questionable behavior over time, we reserve the right to cancel all future pet care assignments.
    2. All dogs must have proper fitting equipment; i.e. collar, harness, head collar, soft leash (no retractable leashes for our and their safety).
    3. Dogs with poor leash manners will not be walked until training modification takes place. We are happy to offer indoor or outdoor playtime in place of a walk. We also can offer training sessions and consult on equipment methods to help get your dog on the right path to better leash manners.
  9. Minimum visit requirements for vacation care
    1. We require a minimum of 2 visits per full day for dogs and a minimum of once every 24 hours for cats or small animals. No exceptions.
  10. Use of pets images in print or social media
    1. We take pictures of pets only (no personal belongings or photos of your personal property) and may post in print and on social media. Please notify us in writing if you wish no photos be taken of your pet.
  11. Office hours
    1. Our office hours for responding to messages and service requests are: Monday through Friday 7 AM-6PM.
  12. Service hours
    1. We provide vacation visits Monday through Sunday, starting at 6 AM, last visit finished by 9 PM. Morning window for vacation visits is 6-8 AM. Midday and dinner visit windows are agreed upon when service is scheduled based on preference and availability. Evening vacation visit window is 7-9 PM. Mid day daily walking/let out service is offered Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 2 Overnight service hours are 10 PM to 7 AM.
  13. Daily and vacation updates
    1. Daily updates are given via paper note left at your home daily. If you prefer an email or text instead, please let us know and indicate that on our worksheet.
    2. Vacation and overnight updates can be sent via email or text during our visit times with your pets. A designated time frame for updates will be scheduled, and agreed upon, in advance.
  14. Scheduling services and making schedule changes to existing services
    1. After the initial meet and greet, all services must be scheduled via email at noraspetsittingservice@gmail.com. We are happy to answer any questions via phone at 257.0410 but scheduling will need to be done via email only. We do not accept scheduling of any kind via text message. We will respond to your request within 24 hours or on the next business day. Please see section 9 for our office hours.
    2. Service is not booked, nor confirmed, until NPSS has all information requested such as: departure date, arrival home date, time client leaves, time client returns, how many total visits requested, as well as any other questions regarding pet care and client information.
    3. For last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours) a text message may be
    4. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours or on the next working business day, we did not get your message. All messages are always returned!
  15. Security systems and cameras
    1. Security code and security company information must be on file with NPSS, even if system is not in use. This must be on file at the time of confirmation for your trip, if not sooner.
    2. We operate as if there are cameras watching us at all times and are aware that most people have them. Use of video is not allowed in any bathroom at any time. Many cameras now collect audio and video, simultaneously. Pursuant to 18 U.S. code Chapter 119, audio capture of oral communication is not permitted at any time while we are working in your home. If we are at your home alone (no other person is present) we need to know that we can freely discuss private business matters and/or private client concerns, should such communications occur.
    3. All of our video and audio policies are guided and in keeping with both Federal and State laws governing surveillance and expectation of privacy. Any suspicion of illicit video surveillance in bedrooms or bathrooms will be reported to the appropriate authorities and contracts will be terminated.
    4. During overnights: we have a “no camera policy” when we are performing overnight care. During overnight care, your home becomes our workplace and given no other person is in your house, we enjoy an expectation of privacy. This policy only pertains to indoor cameras, and does not include exterior property security cameras.
  16. Thermostat
    1. We reserve the right to adjust the thermostat for the safety and comfort of your pets during vacation visits.
    2. For overnight service, the sitter must be allowed to set the thermostat for heat/air conditioning for the comfort of the sitter and pets.
  17. Preparing your home
    1. Please be prepared for your departure by providing everything that your pet might need in your absence. This includes, but is not limited to: a surplus of your pets food and treats, water (if bottled), medications, any cleaning supplies such as paper towels and disinfectants. If any of the above items or necessities are not available to us, or run out during your time away, client will reimburse us for supply cost and a fee will be charged for supply pick up.
    2. In the winter months, clients are responsible to make arrangements ahead of time for anticipated snow removal to make sure we can access your home and pets safely. If arrangements are not made, we reserve the right to seek outside snow removal services at the expense of the For minimal snow removal by NPSS staff, a fee will be charged if light snow removal is required.
  18. Emergency to your pet
    1. If a medical emergency to your pet should arise, NPSS reserves the right to seek out immediate veterinary treatment. Should an unfortunate accident or long-term illness suggest the euthanasia of your beloved pet, we require an emergency number for you, and an additional contact acting as your emergency representative be issued to us, so that the veterinarian will have proper
    2. Transportation and emergency fees: should the need arise to transport your pet to the veterinarian for an emergency visit, a charge will be issued. Every 20 minutes in transport, or at the veterinarian’s office, is equal to one visit charge. Due to the other animals in our care, sometimes it may be necessary to drop you pet off at the vet, and pick them up later. We will transport to animal hospitals within an 8 mile radius of our service area only. If your veterinarian is further, we reserve the right to use a clinic in closer proximity to our service area. If an emergency should arise and more visits to your home than anticipated are necessary, owner will pay NPSS for the additional visits.
  19. Home emergency
    1. In the event of an emergency to your home, we will contact your emergency contact. They will be responsible for retaining such emergency services to your home should a problem occur. Such problems could be plumbing or HVAC related, weather damage, etc.
  20. Inclement weather
    1. Due to the variation in our weather, NPSS will use judgement to benefit your pet’s well being. In the case of dog walking service: in very cold or extremely hot and humid weather (factoring in the wind chill and heat index), or storms, we will have play time inside with potty breaks outside.
  21. Keys

We require a key for all vacation and overnight services, no exceptions. At the initial interview, the client will give NPSS a key which will be kept in our safe when not in use. All keys have a tag placed on them with a number, and no personal information is displayed. If the client requests key return upon client’s arrival home, there will be no additional charge as it is included in the meet and greet. If the client requests NPSS service in the future and a key pick up is required, there is a fee equal to one visit for key pick up/drop off. We will accept garage codes for daily dog walking service only. If the power goes out, garage door or code pad malfunctions, the client is still charged for the visit. If the client does not have any doors with locks and code access only, should the coded access fail, client is responsible for all locksmith fees.

  1. Emergency to the pet sitter
    1. In the case of an emergency to the pet sitter, you and/or your emergency contact will be notified. I require that you have an emergency contact on file of your own, that can take over should anything happen to me.
  2. Health and Safety Protocols and Policies
    1. For vacation visits: please confirm/give notice of any sort of illness in your family. If anyone in your home has been sick, or exposed to anyone with Covid in the last two weeks leading up to my visits, alert me For daily visits there is an ongoing obligation to alert me if you become ill. If you are sick with anything respiratory or flu like notify me immediately. If you have been exposed, or anyone in your household has been exposed to anyone with Covid, alert me immediately. If any of the above circumstances apply to me, I will do the same and alert you immediately.
  3. NPSS reserves the right to deny service or terminate service due to safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate and uncomfortable situations. Policies are subject to change at any time. Current policies are available on the NPSS website, or by request.

If you have a question about this, please contact us directly at 630-257-0410

These policies may also be downloaded here.



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